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Let’s Drive


Lyrics:  Janet A. Hunter

Music: Janet A. Hunter and Ronald A. Sachs

© 2004 Janet A. Hunter and Ronald A. Sachs.  All rights reserved.


Verse 1:

It was just the other day / You chased my blues away

And that’s the reason / I’ve decided to stay – a hey, hey.

You gave me a smile / And you knew all the while

I shouldn’t travel through this world – without you by my side.



And as we slide on down the highway

I can’t imagine why – I’d ever want to fly away.

Rolling along – It’s a day for a drive

What a day for a drive – Let’s drive.


Verse 2:

Now you look at me / We ride silently

No need to search – For reasons that we need to be

We’re rolling along / And you know I belong

To you now and forever, and this could never be wrong.


Repeat Chorus.



I remember the time – Before you came in my life

I had always been blind – Until you gave me sight.


Verse 3:

Now we’re out on the road / We’re on our way home

Tonight we’ll dream of the places we’ll go.

On the highway of life / You better take some time

To look around and see the future – Just open your eyes.


Repeat Chorus.

Repeat Chorus.





© 2002-2014 Diamond Blue

All Rights Reserved.