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Diamond Blue’s songs have been showcased at venues across the tri-state area including Border’s Books and Music, Starbuck’s, The Fitton Center, Summerfair, and Eden Song, as well as other book stores, coffee shops, local festivals, and cable access programs.  Each member contributes to Diamond Blue as singer, songwriter, and musician, and their diverse backgrounds reflect each individual member’s style resulting in a contemporary blend of rock, country, folk and blues – they call it ‘eclectric’.


Jude – Jude Jones performs with several local orchestras including the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, the Clermont Philharmonic, and Lebanon and Hamilton/Fairfield Symphonies.  Celtic music has also become an inviting genre, and she performs regularly with award-winning harpist Nancy Clark and her percussionist/vocalist husband Frank.  Performing venues have included the Newport Irish Fest, as well as Celtic Festivals at Coney Island and Dublin, Ohio.  Jude subs regularly on piano as a liturgical musician in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Some of her original music has been used by Mad Cap Productions.  Jude plays fiddle and acoustic guitar, and sings lead vocals and backup harmony.


Birthplace:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Raised:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Cartoon Character:  Bugs Bunny


Ron – Ron Sachs is the recording engineer and producer of Diamond Blue’s CD’s.  He is also the proud owner of Ronbo Records.  He has been actively involved in the local music scene for years playing with such bands as Heather, Mad ‘n’ Moonly, The Allies, American Beauty Band, Condor, and The Uncle Dirty Band.  Ron brings his experience as lead guitarist, lead and harmony vocalist, mandolin player, bassist, and arranger.


Birthplace:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Raised:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Color:  Blue  

Favorite Food:  Sashimi and anything spicy!

Favorite Cartoon Character:  Yosemite Sam, Eric Cartman and Scrat (the sabertooth squirrel in Ice Age)


Jan – Jan Hunter took her first piano lesson at six years of age, learned organ, and then moved to guitar in her teen years.  Her first band was called Sugar ‘n’ Spice (in the Chicago area).   She also played in Condor and The Uncle Dirty Band in Cincinnati.  Jan plays guitar and percussion as well as singing lead and harmony.


Birthplace:  Ft. Belvoir, Virginia (Army brat!)

Raised:  Lots of places but mostly the Chicago suburbs

Favorite Color:  Blue (do you see a pattern here?)

Favorite Food:  Cheeseburger

Favorite Cartoon Character:  Tinkerbell


John – John Roberts is the newest member of Diamond Blue.  He joined us in 2006 and has been playing music for most of his life – lots of it in the Cleveland area.  He plays rhythm guitar, and he sings lead and harmony with Diamond Blue.


Birthplace:  Lexington, Kentucky

Raised:  Lots of places!

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Cartoon Character:  The Tasmanian Devil




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