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Isnít Love Crazy


Lyrics and Music: Kevin W. Shaffer

© 2002 Kevin W. Shaffer.All rights reserved.


It could be a ragged empty lie

It could be the tender truth

Anyway it sounds, heart goes wild inside

Anything to bring her close to you

Oh tell her now just what she means to you

Whisper softly, oh my dear

Everything she does that drives wild

Everything sheís doing to you



She said she didnít want his love

And you gotta think heís crazy

To want her love so bad

You just gotta think that maybe

Heís got a reason to love like that

Canít give his heart to any other

Her words are saying I canít do that

But her eyes are saying save me

Isnít love crazy


Learn to live with all the ache inside

Long so badly for her touch

Building up inside, crying all the time

Overwhelming everything you do

Realize what happened to your soul

Realize your empty fate

Everything you have is slipping fast

Nothing means a damn without her


Repeat Chorus twice.



© 2002-2014 Diamond Blue

All Rights Reserved.