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In The Rough” is our first CD that was released in March of 2002.  Our second CD, Facets” was released in June, 2004.  Each CD contains twelve of our original tunes.  The vendors below have copies available for sale – or you an pick up a copy from any Diamond Blue band member or at any gig.  We hope you’ll enjoy them!



For secure online ordering:


Click on the album cover or the CD BABY link below to purchase In The Rough:

Click on the album cover or the CD BABY link below to purchase Facets:



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Secure ordering
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Or, if you’re interested in downloading Diamond Blue to your iPod, you can find us at many, many digital download sites.  You can purchase our CD’s through the sites listed here as well as many others – including iTunes (U.S., UK, and Australia), and Amazon.  Please contact us if your favorite isn’t listed or if you want more information.


Find us on i-Tunes – just login under your account and search for “Diamond Blue”.


In The Rough

Tradebit:  http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/245211

PayPlay:  http://payplay.fm/diamondblue1

GreatIndieMusic:  http://www.greatindie.com/ipnmusic/store/list.php?item_number=783707509624

Emusic:  http://www.emusic.com/album/Diamond-Blue-In-The-Rough-MP3-Download/10923166.html 



Tradebit:  http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/245224

PayPlay:  http://payplay.fm/diamondblue2

GreatIndieMusic:  http://www.greatindie.com/ipnmusic/store/list.php?item_number=659696068629

Emusic:  For some reason, Emusic does not have the Facets CD, but we hope they’ll offer it soon!


And, if you’re cruising the Cincinnati area, you can find our CD’s at the following places.  By the way – if any of the locations below do not seem to have our CD's in stock, please ask them – we've found that they rotate their stock, so ours are not always readily visible.  Drat!


Barnes & Noble – Newport on the Levee

Galaxy CD’s – Hamilton, OH

Everybody’s Records – Pleasant Ridge

Mole’s Record Exchange – Clifton

Any Diamond Blue band member!!!

If they are out of stock, please click here to let us know.




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