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Pain and Grace


Music: Ronald A. Sachs

Lyrics: Michael OíHearn

© 2004 Ronald A. Sachs and Michael OíHearn.All rights reserved.


Iíll never understand it... So I no longer try

But sometimes it still hurts so bad... A melody helps me to cry

I donít even know you... Never have and never will

But that state of mind still haunts me... To this day and always will



But I want you to know that Iím not crazy about it

The sky fell but the world is gonna turn

And if we never meet again in another time and place

Iíll remember you as pain and grace

Iíll remember you as pain and grace.


Ten years is a long time... Ten years is a blink

With it all arranged in so much pain... You forgot to think

Of all that you would miss out... And all you left undone

So you took the quick out... In your car and used a gun


Repeat Chorus

Lead over Verse

Repeat Chorus


I had that same old dream... Even though I could not sleep

But this time as I worked it through... A door appeared to me

And as it opened slowly... The universe appeared

And I knew that you were out there... Spinning love from fear


Repeat Chorus




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